Aerotek Lab Technician- RAJP00021581 in MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin

Lab Technician- RAJP00021581


As a Chemistry & Materials Engineering lab technician for a world leading industrial automation company, you will be responsible for execution a wide variety of tasks related to tests and experiments, carried out in a laboratory setting, under the direction of chemists and materials engineers. Additionally, you will be responsible for regular maintenance of laboratory equipment as well maintaining adequate inventory of lab supplies. This position will report to the manager of Chemistry and Materials Engineering.

Essential Functions:

Under the supervision of chemistry and materials laboratory personnel, perform setup and operation of product corrosion tests in simulated harsh industrial environments. In addition, perform post-test tear down analysis on exposed products and document the results.

Other specific tasks include:

  • Receive samples, and set up products for test. This may include sample prep using machining or cutting equipment, use of lab equipment such as analytical balances, etc.

  • Set up the test chamber(s) for specific environmental conditions and daily monitor both the test equipment and products under test for correct operation

  • Ensure an uninterrupted supply of consumable lab supplies to avoid unnecessary test disruptions

  • Disassemble products and perform post-test optical analysis

Desired Qualifications

  • Five years or more experience working in a chemical or metallurgical laboratory environment

  • Environmental exposure experience

  • Advance electrical skills

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy experience including Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy operation

  • Familiarity with sample prep techniques and procedures for metallurgical and chemical analysis

Minimum Qualifications

  • Two years of experience working in a laboratory environment

  • Familiarity with chemistry and materials lab safety procedures including the proper handling of chemicals and compressed gasses

  • Optical microscopy experience

  • Basic electrical skills

  • Ability to work with machining and cutting equipment

Job Ref: R-2797759